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Our Doctrine

We are the first (and only) church of our denomination in Billings.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Also, basing our doctrine on the Bible alone, believing it to be the inerrant Word of God and authoratative for life and faith.

The local congregation makes its own decisions, free from dictation from the denomination.  The denominational headquarters exists to help the local churches.

Body of believers.  This local body is financially conservative and very friendly!

We Are...

a.  Bible Based
we are committed to the centrality of the Word of God.  It is effective to change lives and essential for all practice of faith and conduct, unchangable for all times.

b.  Culturally Relevant
we are committed to respond and adapt to future generations by being able to meet their true needs.

c.  Outreach Oriented
we are a people who take seriously the great commission of Matthew 28:19-20, in evangelizing the lost and nurturing believers to mature growth in Christ.  This is done to fulfill our purpose to make more disciples for Jesus Christ.

d.  Equipping Believers
we are an equipping center to develop leaders and others in the service of the church by using their spiritual gifts.  All believers need to be equipped to have a level of confidence to reach the lost and to help others grow, with the hope of those successfully reached to also become disciple makers.

e.  Edifiying Saints
we are committed to developing and maintaining an environment at all church gatherings that encourage growth, ministry, and healing emotional wounds.

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