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Our Activities

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                      a Bible.

Worship Services

are held each Sunday. Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:45 am and is followed at 11 am by the worship service. Child care is provided by adults during the service and a nursery/quiet room is available with a view of the sanctuary. Personal listening devices are available for those with a need. A Sunday evening service is held at 6 pm.

Prayer services are held on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. Please see our calendar for any special services or events that are scheduled.

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White Cross

serves those in need by assisting with the collection of items and funds that otherwise are unavailable. Missionaries and those serving at-risk populations rely upon White Cross for supplies and materials that cannot be provided by their sponsors.

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Care Groups

meet on Sunday evenings throughout most of the year when evening worship services are not offered at the church. Two groups are available that offer times of prayer, study and discussion. The groups typically meet in home settings and offer an informal time for adults to share their experiences and seek advice. Call the church if you ere interested in joining a care group.

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around the world we support missionaries in their task of spreading the word of Christ and improving living conditions for the poor.

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